Bill Cosby Terrorized The Community With His Penis!!

Featured Bill Cosby Terrorized The Community With His Penis!!

1413903185214 Image galleryImage NEW YORK NY SEPTEMBER 30 Bill Cosby is the NASTIEST ‘#MOTHERCLUCKER’ In America!! Dating from as far back as the 1960’s, he’s TERRORIZED THE COMMUNITY WITH HIS PENIS!! #DISASTER!! If it weren’t for comedian and Angry Birds star, Hannibal Buress, putting Cosby on blast in his comedy set last year for being a hypocrite, we might not have found out about Mr. Cosby’s decades long double life as a serial rapist!! Yes, there were intermittent women who eked out in drips and drabs, that accused #BillCosby of raping them, but he quickly got his powerful Hollywood lawyers on the job to settle those cases out of court to silence them. So to the public, they were rumors at best and we accepted them as such.

Bill Cosby has always been very critical of fellow comedians who he felt were too lowbrow and didn’t meet his standard of what he believed a good comedian should be. If you weren’t a clean comic, Bill didn’t respect you and would tell you so!! I guess #HannibalBuress was sick of his “father knows best” mess and got the brass balls to shine the spotlight on Bill’s sorted past that was waaaaaay worse than telling dirty jokes; he was doing dirty deeds!!



 8431In November of 2014, his video went viral and that’s when all hell broke loose for Bill!! Women began coming out of the wood works claiming that Bill Cosby had raped them and or drugged and raped them. Of course a lot of people were skeptical because he had a reputation of being “America’s Dad.” Nobody wanted to believe that “Mr. Huxtable” was a serial rapist. Bill had us all fooled with his high priced #Coogi sweaters on the #CosbyShow, his oh so adorable #Jello pudding commercials with the cutest kids in the Universe, and the mother load; his morality rants on his tour to hoods across America, to tell black folks to get ourselves together!! He even wrote a book called, “Come On People,” where he weighed in on parenting, education, work ethic, having self esteem, self respect and black pride.

A lot of blacks were pissed at Bill Cosby wagging his judgmental finger at our community and airing our proverbial “dirty laundry.” I’m ashamed to admit that I was one of the few African Americans who supported Bill in his efforts to set us straight about what we needed to do to fix some of our own issues. My feeling was, Bill is from the projects of Philadelphia, Bill grew up poor, Bill floundered for a little while as a young adult before pulling himself up from his bootstraps to become a success, so what better person to lead and guide us than a black man, who could share from whence he came. Boy was I ever WRONG!! Little did I know, he was drugging and raping women all while he was running around preaching to us like he walked on water; TYPICAL!!

Unfortunately, many of the women who had been victims of Bill’s rein of sexual terror, didn’t tell. Why?? A) He was very powerful in Hollywood during that time and since many of these women were trying to make it in show business, they kept his dirty big secret because they didn’t want to get black listed. B) Any professional will tell you that victim’s guilt is the norm for rape victims, which is why many don’t tell about their sexual abuse. And of course there is always the fear that people won’t believe them and see, PEOPLE DIDN’T BELIEVE THEM!!

Jill ScottIt really made me sick to my stomach when these women were vilified as opportunists, junkies, groupies, hoes and gold diggers. But what really made my #BrainBleed was that most of the criticism came from women!!  When the story about Bill Cosby’s sexual crimes broke in November of 2014, Singer/Actress Jill Scott had the nerve to defend him against the rape allegations with her tweets, “so they've proven the alleged allegations? I didn't know. Will they also be giving him back the millions he's donated? I'm respecting a man who has done more for the image of Brown people than almost anyone EVER. From Fat Albert to the Huxtables.” I get where she was going with it but SHE NEEDED TO SHUT THE HELL UP!! Jill needed to chill!! She sounded so ignorant!! Sane people know that there are plenty of rich rapists who give money and help their community. That’s their cover!! Most people who rape, don’t look like the boogie man, act like a monster or a miscreant in the public eye. Even if Jill had a personal relationship with Bill, she needed to just lay in the cut….until. 



images 2My heart sank from severe disappointment and disbelief when I saw an interview in January 2015, with actress #PhyliciaRashad, on #WorldNewsTonight where she said, “this is not about the women, it’s about something else, the obliteration of legacy.” I was screaming at the TV, “legacy!! Legacy!! #CLUCK legacy!!” A lot of bad people have a legacy of doing good things and Bill Cosby is one of them. Duh!! That should not be his get out of jail free card! I was sooooo surprised that she, of all people, would say such a thing. I always saw Phylicia as a woman’s woman. But clearly she drank the #KoolAid!!

When I see women who are that defensive of men accused of rape, it makes me wonder if they were raped. Things that make ya go Hmmmm!! The good news is, although her sister, actress/dancer/director, #DebbieAllen, has a very close relationship with Cosby, she didn’t utter a word!! I can appreciate that. It’s clear that she left the door open for the possibility that he COULD be guilty. I can respect that.

For those who say, “Bill Cosby didn’t need to rape anybody because he had enough money and power to get any woman he wanted.” Yup, he sure did!! And let me remind y’all that HE DID use his money and power to have a revolving door of concubines and extramarital affairs as well!! Which was separate and apart from him sexually violating women. It’s 2015, by now, I shouldn’t have to tell anybody that rape isn’t about being horny and bashing someone over the head and dragging them to the cave to do the sexual mumbo jumbo. RAPE IS ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL!! NOT SEXUAL ATTRACTION OR SEXUAL SATISFACTION! So if you don’t know, NOW YOU KNOW!!

imgresWhen former super model #JaniceDickinson came forward about being raped by Bill Cosby, they called her a bunch of junkies and nut jobs and just poo pooed her away as if she was yesterday’s meatloaf. Then #BOOM, in stepped the first black supermodel, Beverly Johnson, who told her story about how in 1986, Bill asked her to come in for a part on the Cosby show and during the audition at the brownstone, he told her to act like she was drunk. He then insisted on making her a cappuccino and mysteriously after a few sips, she new she had been drugged!! She knew she was in danger!! He began trying to rape her!! When she fought him off, he got extra pissed and dragger her, LITERALLY, by the arm and threw her in a taxi. She got home, but doesn’t remember the details and can’t for sure say that he didn’t rape her. Breaking her silence was the great equalizer!! #BeverlyJohnson was the smoking gun because of her fierce credibility. She has her own money, so nobody can accuse her of hustling Bill for his. She’s successful in her own right so nobody can accuse her of trying to hustle up another 15 minutes of fame. NOPE! Beverly had no other reason to come forward about the attempted rape other than, BILL COSBY TRIED TO RAPE HER!! #That’s It And That’s All!! Unfortunately, it took someone like her to validate the other women’s story.

Just when Bill Cosby thought the fire was out regarding his sex crimes, U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno got sick of his moralistic, judgmental a_s, so on July 1, 2015, he put his 2005 deposition on blast, where he admitted to drugging women with Quaaludes before having sex with them. Bill’s lawyer even had the nerve to justify it by saying that two of the women knew they were taking drugs. SO…THE…HELL…WHAT!! Voluntarily getting high and being raped, SHOULD NOT BE MENTIONED IN THE SAME SENTENCE! ONE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OTHER. I bet if that lawyer had a daughter and she told him that she got high and got raped, he would be the first one in the courtroom to try and get a grand jury to find cause to prosecute the crime!! Bill Cosby doesn’t need a lawyer, he needs to #LayOnSeveralCouches!! Because he’s sick!!  

Well, well, well, after Judge #EduardoRobreno dropped the proverbial bomb on Bill’s guilty a_s, then on July 6, 2015, Miss Jill Scott had to eat crow and back peddle after reading Bill’s court testimony admitting drugging woman to have sex. So she tweeted,  “About Bill Cosby. Sadly his own testimony offers PROOF of terrible deeds, which is ALL I have ever required to believe the accusations.” Yeah, I thought so gurl!!

Now, let’s talk about Whoopi. Please don’t kick my back in for what I’m about to say. It may appear contradictory but ride with me for a moment. Ok, if we all put our emotions aside, we can see that #WhoopiGoldberg is absolutely, 100% correct!! Yes, this is American where EVERYBODY is supposed to be considered innocent, until proven guilty. Regardless of how strong the circumstantial evidence is, IF IT’S CIRCUMSTANTIAL, it’s not proof beyond a reasonable doubt!! That’s the bottom line! We all need to be real clear that vigilante justice isn’t fair. So as a rule, trying someone in the court of public opinion ain’t cool!!

However, my name ain’t Lisa Durden Esq., so I don’t give a cluck about being fair!! As the saying goes, “Life Ain’t Fair!!” When it comes to rape, all I see is red!! Even if my own brother was accused of rape, I’d choose to side with the accuser until otherwise notified. Because of the negative way women and girls have been treated historically and even currently, I take rape accusations very seriously and don’t ever want the victim to feel she did anything wrong. And yes, I am aware that women do lie. Yes, I am aware that when it comes to race, historically, black men have been wrongfully hanged and jailed because white women have lied about being raped by them. I understand that. I really, really do!! Sorry, I have to take my chances and still side with the victim, not the perpetrator. But if down the road, evidence surfaces that Bill Cosby is right, then I would have no problem tweeting a public apology. Until then, I can’t in good conscience stand behind this freak!! If I came forward about being raped, I’d want people to believe me. I couldn’t imagine the pain of being call hoes, skanks and liars. That’s like being victimized all over again. 

At the end of the day, I DO NOT think that any of these women are after money!! I believe that they are rape victims. However, since there is a statue of limitations on rape, Bill Cosby will NEVER be brought to justice for the sexual crimes, but I do hope all of the women wage civil lawsuits against this 1,000 year old sicko, and send him back to the poor house that he grew up in!!

Everything and anything that Bill Cosby has ever done for the black community, has been overshadowed by his rampant rapes, of over 40 women, for nearly 30 years. Bill Cosby is the Titanic!! Nobody in their right mind would or should stand by him in this storm; that ship sunk!! And scene!!

 Welp, “You have entered MY WORLD!! Where I tell it MY WAY!!”

 Image/s via ABCNews, Nightline, eyesight

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