CLUCK Mariah Carey’s Wack Sister!

What the hell is wrong with you people?? Why are y’all kicking Mariah Carey’s back in for not paying her HIV positive sister’s hospital bill?? First of all, her sister is a very grown, as hell woman! Second of all, she is not Mariah’s responsibility!! The last time I checked, Mariah only had two children; Monroe and Moroccan.  Yes, Alison Scott Carey is her sister! Yes, her sister has HIV!! Yes, it’s important for family to depend on each other! Yes, Mariah can afford to pay her medical bills! Hell, if she wanted, she can afford to buy the entire hospital, with change left! Yeah, yeah, yeah, that sounds so loving and wonderful….in theory. Break out the violins!! Let’s sing Kumbaya!  I’m sure by now you realize that that’s my sarcasm. Here’s how I really feel; CLUCK Mariah Carey's Wack Sister!! SHE’S TRASH!! This woman is a manipulative, lying, selfish, abusive, gangstress! Karma is biting her in the butt, now she wants to cry victim!! Classic!

Good_Sister.JPGFor those of you who are unaware of Mariah’s sister’s long history of drama and shananagan’s, let me edify you. For the majority of Alison’s adult life, she’s been addicted to drugs and ran the streets as a prostitute. Whenever she contacted Mariah, it was never to ask how she was doing or to spend some quality sister sister time. It was always for money or financial help of some kind. Of course Mariah gave, and gave, and gave, and gave, and gave. Because that was her sister!! Because she was her family! Because she had it to give!! Because she was hoping that each time it would be different!! So how does Alison repay Mariah for all of her undying love and support?? By her tell-all interview published in the National Enquirer in 2000. If that weren’t bad enough, this monster tried to pen a revealing book about all of Mariah’s personal, dirty laundry. Unfortunately, that discovery proved that Alison was not so sisterly!! DISASTER!! So naturally, Mariah cut her crazy a_s off!! And as far as I’m concerned, not a moment too soon!! They’ve been estranged ever since. “Bye Felicia!!”

Fast forward to 2016, now Alison is very sick in the hospital and had the brass balls to release a “pitiful” video professing her love for Mariah and begging her not to abandon her. How convenient it is for narcissistic, psychopaths like Alison Carey, on their death bed, to scream, “I love you." Really?? Love?? Love?? Last I checked, love don’t hurt!! If the way she treated Mariah Carey was love, who needs hate!! Don’t Abandon her?? Amnesia is real y’all!!  The mirror has two sides and Alison is clearly not recognizing her own reflection!  I am sooooo tired of victimizers, playing the victim!! 

Mariah Carey’s brother jumped in the mix and is pleading for her to pay Alison’s hospital bills on the strength of her being family. It makes my brain bleed when people like Mariah’s sister, screw over you time and time and time again, then have the nerve when it’s convenient, to play the family card. Bite me! #Ain’tNobodyGotTimeForThat!! Family cuts two ways!! The word family is not an excuse, for abuse!! My best friend Ywanakee Allison always says, “Blood is thicker than water, but water tastes better.” #LOL. ‘Clap for that!!’

While reading a blog about Alison, my thoughts were, how convenient it is for sinister, mean, disloyal, family members, like her, to want "the past to be the past," after they cluck over you! She’s been pleading for Mariah’s forgiveness, to any media outlet who would publish her weak words. WOW!! WOW! WOW! How brazen!! Asking someone’s forgiveness is one thing!! Expecting them to give it is downright selfish, classless and egregious!! That’s right, I said it!! So stop clutching your pearls! Please put your bibles away!! Don’t start with that forgiveness is for you crap!! I’m not impressed!! Besides, for all we know, Mariah Carey could have already forgiven her sister, which is why she ain't clucking with her shady a_s no more!! 

mariah__Man-las-vegas-show-boom-2015.jpgMariah Carey, you are doing the right thing for your own salvation and self preservation! Your sister is negative! Your sister is insincere! Your sister is grasping for straws!! Your sister is pure, unadulterated, bone chilling evil!! Your sister needs to lay on several couches because she’s certifiable!! Mariah, purchase some proverbial accelerant and burn that bridge!!  

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